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Meet BOSCO; an American multi-disciplinary artist and musician from Atlanta. Recently many have compared Bosco to one Ms Solange Knowles which has many of her loyal following stumped; especially as Bosco’s sound has been making waves in Europe and the states since waaay before the infectious “You and Me” stormed the radios. I met up with her in New York to discuss her music, her latest project and about why she isn’t offended by those Solange comparisons.

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Watching “Crossed Out”—the debut video from Teachers, the band fronted by M.I.A.’s baby’s daddy Ben Bronfman—will teach you at least one lesson: to never, ever get on the bad side of two bombshell twin babes. Directed by Bruno Ilgoti and starring Sasha and Sable Boykin, the video shows us a world filled with fast cars, drug deals and an intimate encounter that takes a turn for the worst. Check out the video above and keep on the look out for Anesthesia, Teachers’ forthcoming album via Noisey.


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Fat Tony feat. Old Money – “BKNY” (Prod. by Tom Cruz) (Official Video)

Feat cameos with B.A.N.Y.C. Alum Tennille (10iller) + Promise Smith



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Chief Keef x Childish Gambino – Back & Forth

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