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Press Play (Euro Edition)

LARY – Problem


SAM feat. Fabio Battista – C’est la vie

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SAVE THE DATE: 25.08.2012 – 6PM-10PM
Please join us for an extraordinary patchwork event at Münzstrasse 20 Berlin- Mitte, this Saturday.

We are proud to showcase the photography from JR’s INSIDE OUT PROJECT in Freetown, that is featured in the book LION BASE.
The book will now be launched for the first time in Berlin. An exclusive sneak preview of the forthcoming LION BASE documentary
will give our guests a raw and uncut insight into the extraordinary stories behind the portraits. The screening will be followed by a
live music performance of up and coming Berlin based artist LARY and super sound by DJ DREEA.
We look forward to see you Saturday!!!



A book by *folorunsho

“The more you give the more you get! Whenever you share with others you realize how much you have. When you give you feel rich.
We want to share with you all we have, especially our joy, strength, passion and creativity.”


LION BASE is a documentary photo book that provides an intimate perspective at the the raw life in the streets of postwar Freetown,
Sierra Leone documenting the life of 20 youths that were living under horrendous circumstances in a gutter called LION BASE. The
books stunning imagery invites you into a reality that most of us are unable to imagine. It follows the life of these youth and shows
their development: emerging from a life of violence and crime in the streets into forming the creative collective *FOLORUNSHO,
whose products and international collaborations are now available in selected locations around the world such as Collette in Paris.
It shows the transformation from a ‘struggle for existence’ to ‘creator of one’s own life’ by overcoming boundaries and obstacles and
transforming the ‘impossible’ to I’M POSSIBLE.

All proceeds from the sale of the book and the products go directly to the *FOLORUNSHO creative collective to provide themselves
with an education and adequate living conditions for the first time in their lives.

“It’s not about charity. It’s all about sharing!”
*FOLORUNSHO = born under the eye of God (in Yoruba)

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