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Last month when Walt Clyde Frazier shared Clyde’s Keys (to Success) with an intimate audience at Reed Space, his admonition to attack always and rest on one’s laurels floating in a buoyant mixture of excuses and lofty aspirations never, stuck with me. “People don’t plan to fail,” said Frazier, “they fail to plan.” And that lack of forward thinking and sense of urgency is exactly what author and clinical psychologist, Meg Jay feels the media and our society are responsible for cultivating in today’s young adults. By trivializing the importance of one’s twenties and describing twenty somethings with juvenile monikers like ‘kidult’, Meg Jay argues that you take away one’s drive to work toward their goals and to achieve. You make light of complacency and excuses for inaction. When you say, “You’re only 20(something),” you say, “Don’t start now, you have a lifetime ahead of you,” you say, “It’s okay to drink your nights away and spend your days nursing hangovers. It’s okay to repeat this cycle and remain stagnant. It’s okay to have more excuses than aspirations.”

It’s not okay and anyone who says otherwise is FALSE AS FUCK. Watch the short Ted Talk to hear author of The Defining Decade and clinical psychologist, Meg Jay weigh in on why our twenties are infinitely important in shaping every human beings’ character and future. — Bucci


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