“The best way to look good is to be good. The best way to look like a professional is to authentically and consistently act in a professional manner. Your real image is not based on what you seek to tell people or show people it is. Your image in the minds of others is based on how you truly are. If you’re mainly focused on projecting an image, you’re guaranteeing that your image will be shallow and insincere. Instead, put your energy into living and working with honesty, integrity and creativity. Let yourself genuinely be yourself, without being obsessed about how others see you. What they will see, and respect, is your authenticity. Truly be the way you wish to be seen. Instead of cultivating a mere image, build a life filled with rich and compelling substance. If you want to appear impressive, then be impressive. Truly embrace and fully live your best possibilities, and your image will easily take care of itself.” — Ralph Marston

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