The Art & Sole Cortez iD Project

Four artists, four special edition Art & Sole covers, and four fresh Nike Cortez sneakers. The Art & Sole Cortez iD project celebrates both the release of a new mini-edition Art & Sole book and the launch of the classic Nike Cortez silhouette on NIKEiD.com.

Intercity have commissioned four artists, Jiro Bevis, Shantell Martin, Matthew Nicholson and Rose Stallard to create an artwork for one of four limited Art & Sole book covers. Working with different media; print, moving image, sculpture and sneaker-art respectively, each artist’s cover work has been packaged alongside a pair of color-coordinated Art & Sole Cortez sneakers.

The artists’ brief was simply to interpret the Cortez sneaker using a specifically assigned color – red, blue, green or magenta – which correlates to the category-signifying contents dots in Art & Sole. The Cortez was one of the first icons of running. To celebrate its 40th anniversary the brief also requested a response to the ‘history of running’.

The color green has been represented by visual artist Shantell Martin, who chose to start her piece with a green dot which represents the atom; ‘a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons’. This atom is one very tiny part of the Nike Cortez shoe that is discovered and then in turn taken on a journey to find the origin of its name. Once observed the atom slowly returns to its original singular form.

Music by Metyrdioa

Find more Shantell Martin at her site, and follow her here on Twitter.


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