Wanderlust is a new brand specializing in romantic and post-modernist pieces for tastemakers, artists, and IT girls (or just those in spirit).

Neyla Bendekayel is a young self starter from Paris, France. Raised in several cultures, she grew up between with a mix of three life styles from three different cities Beirut, Paris and Tunis.

Traveling  everyday life ever since she was a child, designer Neyla was able to use this to develop a unique maturity and open minded attitude toward discovering other cultures and meeting new people.

Today the idea that grew inside a passionate dreamer who became  a talented designer brings us: ‘Wanderlust’ 

Typical ‘Wanderwoman’ is in a constant research of chic, style and glamour. Romantic and post-modernist are the words that best describe Neyla’s spirit.
Furthermore, a Wanderlust’s lady knows well how to distinguish herself from others when it comes fitting in within social events and the ‘savoir-vivre’.

And there’s no better combination than a Parisian allure mingled with Phenician’s exoticism and a sprinkle of mythological culture. ♥

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