1. Who’s in the house?
Res (vocals), Spon (studio engineer), and Whitney (photographer).


2. Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Hell yeah life was great when I was 8 years old…now uhhhhm, a little different! 


3. It ain’t where you’re from, it’s…?
How many countries you have travelled to. 


4. Give me the fortune, keep the fame?
Exactly my friends…


5. After the show it’s the after-party, and after the party it’s the…?
Celebrity snack time!!!!


6. It’s quite okay for a gangster to wear sandals?
Ewwww! NEVER ok! 


7. If I ruled the world?
We would vacation just as much as we worked! 


8. Do you want more?
Always, Iam rarely satisfied for long.


9. How does it feel?
It’s better in the movies.


10. What’s next on the menu?
Oatmeal, my latest go to food.


11. Give me the reason to want you back?
Cos I will make you laugh.


12. Tell us why it’s all love…
It’s not, that’s a myth!

Soundcloud Mix + the entire interview >HERE<


Res – They Say Vision

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