Santigold To Release New Album

Santi White is close to releasing the followup to her debut Santogold after logging sessions in New York, Los Angeles, and Jamaica. You heard the post Santo track “GO,” which featured Karen O, Nick Zinner, Q-Tip, and Switch in varying capacities, and the collaborator list for the full platter is similarly diverse: According to Billboard, Switch, Dave Sitek, Zinner, John Hill (aka Johnny Rodeo), Greg Kurstin, and Ricky Blaze are all confirmed participants. Fans of the Santogold sound should be comforted by John Hill’s inclusion, since he helped shape so much of the that album’s blueprint via his work on it and with Santi’s previous projects like Stiffed.

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“Empathy,” Crystal Castles

“You Today,” Martial Canterel

“I’m God,” Lil B

“One Love Jam Down,” Papa Michigan and General Smiley

“Radio Ladio,” Metronomy

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